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We host a variety of exhibitions throughout the year. Our 2021 exhibition programme is nearing the end, and lots of lovely works have been created for our walls, and perhaps now yours!

We delighted that COVID restrictions have been eased and hope you can visit the Gallery at 48 High Street, Dingwall. If not, all work is available to view online.

Event dates shown are currently correct, and will be updated if any changes are necessary.

Swipe, or click on any event below for more information. A full listing of all works in each exhibition will be available online from the opening date onwards.

As and when we are able to do so safely, creative craft, art and design workshops, as well as other interesting events, will be added to our events offering.

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Exhibiting at Alchemist Gallery

New ideas, work and talent always catch our attention. If you are interested in exhibiting your work, or if there is particular creative skill or subject you would be interested in sharing with others, perhaps in a workshop, please do contact us.

We are now taking expressions of interest for exhibitions in 2022 & 2023, although enquiries about smaller consignments of work are welcome at any time for general display in the shop and gallery. Please contact us, to make an appointment to speak to or see Hazel, gallery owner, for an initial informal chat, or email some representative images of your work.

Past Exhibition Highlights

Fiona Kearney & Marjory Tait - Labyrinth

A meandering but purposeful path by two pals through their combined imaginations. We stock works by both these artists all year round; find thier pages here.

Katherine Sutherland & Clare Blois - Coast and Water

Expressive works by two Highland artists, celebrating the beauty and drama of shoreline and rivers. Currently available originals by Katherine can be seen here.

Sandy Gracie - Coast/lines

Bright and breezy paintings and limited edition prints inspired by Scotland’s fishing villages. The originals from this show were pretty much a sell out, but prints can still be seen and ordered online here.

Jane Applebee - North by North West

A body of new work by Jane Appelbee inspired by the colours of the North West coast and Orkney. The beautiful white, shell sand beaches, turquoise waters, colourful Machair, moody mountains and fabulous, big open skies are the true inspiration behind these hand dyed and quilted textile wall hangings. Read more about Jane here.

Moira MacBeath - Ink

An exhibition of striking black and white pen drawings. We continue to sell work by Moira from her wide repertoire; her currently available works can be seen here.

Emer Beattie - Highland Seasons

Uplifting blooms, blossoms, botanicals and more, in glowing watercolours.  See more about Emer here.

Rosalie Furlong - Out of the Sewing Box

Illustrative and traditional quilts. A riot of colour, imagination and stitching. A victim of the first 2020 pandemic lockdown, this exhibition was unfortunately cut, short but Rosie will be back to exhibit new textile art with us soon.

Carole Saxon - Birch (opening show Alchemist Gallery, November 2019)

"I use watercolour because I find it endlessly adaptable.

When painting the deer,  I am attempting to capture the essence, like Neolithic man painting the subject of his hunt. It is how I see the deer, never close-up, never close enough for scrutiny, but there, ears alert to danger, watchful, wary. They bestow a little magic on the forest by their presence." (Carole Saxon)

Clive Grewcock - The Art of Conjury (Golspie Gallery)

Illustration and mixed media work, depicting the rich history and characters in magic, mystery and puppetry.

“There is so much rich history and characters in magic and it is the essence of this which I have drawn upon to put together this exciting exhibition. My work uses this as a foundation and is illustrative in style.

This is a thrilling prospect with a combination of magic and art. Of course, we all know magic does exist. It all depends on our interpretation. For me it is capturing an unexpected emotion, much as art should do.” (Clive Grewcock)

Norman Gibson - Altered Horizons (Golspie Gallery)

This exhibition demonstrated a range of Norman’s 3D sculptural work, from digital photographic collages to paintings and sculptures.  A sculptor and designer with a thematic focus on landscape, archaeology and visual memory; ‘suddenly one has the right eyes’ (Rainer Maria Rilke).

Isobel Kirkpatrick - Woven in Time (Golspie Gallery)

Tapestry weaving; using craftsmanship and colour to capture shape. See more work from this exhibition here.

Vic Rose - Retrospective (Golspie Gallery)

Assemblage, construction, ceramics made from locally collected Brora clay, photo-realistic painted local scenes in watercolour, acrylic and oil, surrealist inventions and abstracts, to multiple automatic paintings, Vic’s artistic output was prolific, varied in style and very personal. We were honoured to host this retrospective in Sutherland, where he lived and worked for c. 50 years, on behalf of his family, who are rightly very proud of his legacy as a teacher, maker and artist.


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