Pearl Collection

June is traditionally associated with pearl as a birthstone. Pearls also represent 30 years of marriage. Long regarded as a symbol of purity and love, pearls have been used for centuries in jewellery.

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Made for us by Catherine Brady. Freshwater pearls come in a range of shapes, sizes and lustres. They are reputably and sustainably sourced from registered pearl farms in Asia. Cultivation methods today produce excellent quality pearls at a price that puts them within reach of everyone. We do not work with Scottish wild pearls, these are rare and rightly protected by law.

There is no universal system for grading pearls. Quality is judged, by an experienced eye, according to shape, colour and lustre, and graded from A - AAA. Grades are usually applied to more expensive, evenly sized pearls.

Professional pearl restringing services, including silk knotting and replacement clasps, can also be arranged for you via the Alchemist Gallery.

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