Emma Horne

“When I was young, I used to help my Mum with the washing, she would spend hours over the twin tub and then hang it out on a long washing line that ran the length of our garden. Then my Mum would haul the line high with a big pole and my Dad’s shirts and the bed sheets would billow out above me in the breeze. There were never bloomers, but I feel there was potential for some…… I studied at the same school as Leonardo de Vinci, but obviously we were not class mates.”

Emma Horne is inspired by Border Collies, a flock of wayward sheep, hot air balloons, bunting and the northeast of Scotland, where she lives near the sea.

During autumn 2021, the traditional time for bringing in flocks of sheep across all cultures, we are hosting her exhibition depicting ‘The Gather’.

A big day in any sheep farmer’s calendar, ‘gathering’ is an enduring testament to rural tradition, the bond between working dog and man (or woman) and the deep affinity or ‘heft’ of animal and human to their land. It’s the shepherds reckoning of the seasonal cycle of the year past, those of generations before, and others to still to come.

In this series of new, original watercolours, Emma’s depicts the event with a delightful touch of whimsy. Enchanting scenes of rural life blessed with dogs, sheep, and imagination. There is also a book go with the exhibition. Swipe or click on any image for more information.

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