Carole Saxon

"I use watercolour because I find it endlessly adaptable."

Carole’s ‘Birch’ was the opening exhibition at Alchemist Gallery in November 2019 to February 2020. Cards from the works in this show continue to be available from the Gallery.

When I am painting the different elements that make up the birch woodlands, I try to capture the character and essence of the birch, with its spindly narrow trunk, often walking-stick straight, sometimes twisted by the elements; with its light-fingered branches, all colours from ox-blood to deepest burgundy; with its delicate freckling of small leaves that shiver in the breeze; with its bark, sometimes shining, paper-white, sometimes lichen bearded, often peeling and curling to reveal a more solid core.

Then there is the undergrowth, the under forest, the all concealing eiderdown of bracken, from its earliest green shoots pushing through the debris and detritus of winter, curling and unfurling its fiddle heads as it spreads its arms, touching and overlapping, it's patterns ever diminishing as its detail reveals itself to me, down to the finest frond.

When painting the deer, once again i am attempting to capture the essence, like Neolithic man painting the subject of his hunt. It is how I see the deer, never close up, never close enough for scrutiny, but there, ears alert to danger, watchful, wary. They bestow a little magic on the forest by their presence.

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