Emer Beattie: Highland Seasons

16 April 2020 to 12 May 2020 Free entry during normal opening hours

An exhibition of uplifting blooms, blossoms, botanicals and more, in glowing watercolours.

Emer Beattie is an Irish artist living in the Highlands of Scotland.

My paintings come from my life growing up with my family in Ireland, and living in the Highlands with my husband and children. I’m inspired by what I see around me on the Black Isle - the farm and wood where we live, and my garden.

I prefer to focus on the small things in nature - the colours and textures of leaves, trees, branches, grasses and flowers - their variety can be just as expressive and majestic as big landscapes.

I like painting in watercolours - it’s a versatile, but difficult, medium. It can be subtle yet strong, have depth yet be transparent. You have to work fast, then wait, then fast again. I push myself with every painting to make it a new challenge, trying to use a different technique or skill. And I don’t mind making mistakes! They can often lift a painting, change it’s mood or direction, or ruin it entirely!

I hope these paintings help remind us of the beauty of nature, in its simplicity and its complexity, and make us remember it can be found easily anywhere with just a small amount of effort to look.

It’s taken me a while to get to here. For a long time I considered my art a sideline to other career choices I’d made, and to raising a family. But I’ve realised it’s my main focus.

Although I’ve had no formal training it would be wrong to say I was self-taught - my mother, a professional artist, has been my teacher. She continues to reinvent her style, even now in her eighties, and is a true inspiration. And I’m delighted to dedicate this, my first exhibition, to her.

Alchemist Gallery, 48 High Street, Dingwall, Ross-shire, Scotland IV15 9HL
+44 (0)1349 368200