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Beautifully Inspired

Visit us to find a stunning range of unique and different jewellery, for women and men; made in-house, locally and further afield. For you, and to give.

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From the honest work of fine silversmiths and exquisite glass work, to handcrafted gold, leather, ceramics and wool. Embellished with timeless pearls, eye-catching stones, detailed embroidery, crystal-clear resin or ever changing copper. Whimsical textiles, ethical and upcycled ludo counters and bike parts, porcelain and wood.

Traditional or contemporary, but always independent; decades of experience combine with young designers and bold works by recent graduates.

Necklaces and chokers, rings, bracelets and cuffs, cuff links, watches, brooches.

Commissions, re-design, repairs and cleaning.

Golspie Gallery, 9 Industrial Estate, Main St, Golspie, Sutherland, Scotland KW10 6RN
+44 (0)1408 633828