Friday Flowers

The Flower Field at Crasky is now supplying us on a Friday with locally grown, sustainable cut flowers during the growing season. Available when we open on a Friday morning, bunches contain a mix of whatever is looking the most beautiful that week, combined with scented herbs and foliage for a natural look. Quantity and sizes vary, and prices are typically between £7.50-£20. Flowers can be reserved, just contact us, and we will set aside what is in bloom at the time for collection on Friday or Saturday.



These Black Ilse beauties are grown by Louise Maclarty, NHS worker and all-round lovely lady. Following a yearly cycle of planning, planting and nurturing, she’s up with the birds to cut and condition the flowers so they last as long as possible. The length of the growing season is rather dependant on the Highland weather, and after a later than planned start to 2021, we hope to have beautiful blooms available into September.

As well as no air miles, and producing cut flowers naturally without pesticides and chemicals, The Flower Field aims to minimise their environmental impact in other ways; growing in reusable or recyclable pots, planting in peat free compost, and wrapping the end product in compostable packaging.

Please note, personal visits to the farm are by prior arrangement only.



Louise’s top tips for a long vase life:

“Keep it clean! Flowers are living things; just as a cut on your own finger doesn't like bacteria, neither do these freshly cut flowers. When you receive flowers, put them into a scrupulously clean vase with cold, fresh water. Make sure there are no leaves below the waterline as they get soggy and rot, introducing more trouble. Change the water every couple of days at least and this will keep them perky and happy for a long time. If possible, keep them out of direct sunlight, in cool a place, and away from the fruit bowl.”

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