Tyger Tyger Burning White

Tyger Tyger Burning White
For Sale £725
Hand quilted. With synthetic binding and mirror eye detail. 135cm W x 185cm H (53 W x 73 H)

There is something magical about a white tiger and the idea for this quilt simmered for a long time, but the problem of how to arrange the tail kind of ‘dangled’. Fortunately, I acquired a book on tiger skin rugs which showed different solutions to the problem and the one I have chosen seemed the most elegant. Somewhere there is a little tiger moth.  Devout Buddhists must mediate upon a tiger skin without killing any tigers! Woven tiger skins are the Tibetan solution, this quilt is mine. No tiger has been harmed in the making of this quilt.

All sizes are approximate.

Quilts are 100% cotton, unless trims specified otherwise, with polyester batting and hanging sleeves.

Machine washable, low temperature setting and slow spin, line dry.

Price includes UK P&P. Please enquire if you are outside the UK.