The Rocky Road to Far Samarkand

The Rocky Road to Far Samarkand
For Sale £525
Hand quilted. 137cm W x 140cm H (54 W x 55 H)

This piece was inspired by an illustration of a Far Eastern rug in this rather unusual colour scheme. I looked up Samarkand on the net and it seem to be all concrete tower blocks so I made up an imaginary design of minarets and domes, superimposing this onto the ‘Rocky Road’ background without losing the integrity of the base pattern. Yet again, a star border, but I made the mistake of placing them with points touching, giving me considerable heart-ache in the making. A ‘retrospective ramble’ for the Spring Quilt Festival in Spalding, 2011

‘Of rocky roads and searing sand

Of blazing skies and empty land

Of thirst and flies and blistered hand

All for the riches of Samarkand

Oh how we wished that we could stand

Neath shady trees, where breezes fanned

Our fevered brows which bore the brand

Of our tortured trek to Samarkand

For silk and spice this journey planned

For lustrous rugs this hopeful band

O’er desert shimmer caravanned

Until we reached far Samarkand’

All sizes are approximate.

Quilts are 100% cotton, unless trims specified otherwise, with polyester batting and hanging sleeves.

Machine washable, low temperature setting and slow spin, line dry.

Price includes UK P&P. Please enquire if you are outside the UK.